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So, I added a second 3D printer to my fleet.  A Voxelab Aquila.  Basically an Ender 3 V2 clone.  My Ender 3 has been highly modified now and both of them are running close to 24/7 printing a 120 item order I managed to stumble into.
Around half of my first order ready to deliver.
[Image: 730-D5-E7-D-87-C6-40-E8-BC26-CEDB41-ACC64-C.jpg]
Those things look hella smooth. You do any finishing on those, or is that just how they come off the build plate?
(05-01-2022, 06:46 PM)theklinks Wrote: [ -> ]Those things look hella smooth. You do any finishing on those, or is that just how they come off the build plate?

Just how they came off the build plates.
Damn. I can't get quality like that off my FFCP unless I slather it with XTC-3D.

Highly modded Ender 3 with a BIQU Spring Steel PEI sheet and BLTouch and an almost stock Voxelab Aquila with its stock glass bed and a BLTouch
Flashforge Creator Pro. Mine's modified ... a bit:
  • Micro-Swiss all metal hotend
  • Micro-Swiss CNC machined aluminum extruder plate & levers
  • Extended (wider) magnetic build plate + PEI-coated steel surface
  • All fans replaced with Noctua 40x10 or 40x20mm fans 
  • Toshiba FlashAir W-04 (printer doesn't have Wi-Fi, but its SD card does)
  • 2020 aluminum V-slot frame 
  • Filament spools relocated to holders with really smooth bearings directly above extruders
  • PTFE tubing in the bottom of the extruder plate (makes it easier to load TPU)

Looks like this:
[Image: IMG-1404.jpg]
My Ender 3 has the following mods
  • BTT SKR E3 V3 mainboard
  • Custom build of Marlin
  • Linear rails for Y axis
  • Insulation for bed
  • BTT SSS PEI build surface
  • Pi 3 running OctoPi
  • Pancake stepper for Extruder
  • BMG Clone extruder
  • Direct drive conversion
  • HeroMe Gen 6 fan duct w/ 5015 fan
  • BLTouch
  • Mellow NF Smart Hot End
  • RGB Lights
  • Side mount filament spool
  • BTT Smart Filament Sensor
  • Capricorn tubing between filament sensor and extruder
  • Probably something else I'm forgetting
So I made spaghetti last night Sad
[Image: IMG-2443.jpg]
Ugh. Hate it when that happens. I was having all manner of adhesion issues yesterday -- one successful print out of 20 attempts -- and I couldn't find any glue sticks because my children stole 'em all. Luckily I found one and three of four prints were perfect. The fourth had some top layer issues, which I traced to drag on the filament where it enters the hood of the printer. Solution: took the goddamn hood off for the fifth print, which is currently in progress.

I'm making these out of TPU:

...and storing them on these (modified to print as one piece) made out of PETG:

I have four stands full of purple ones, and have started filling a fifth stand with red ones.
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