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What are you currently playing?

This isn't console/computer/phone/portable-specific, so if you're playing a game, tell us about it! (Oh and yes, screenshots are welcomed and in fact encouraged!)

As for me, I'm about to re-install Need for Speed: Most Wanted, assuming I can find the CDs.

I've been rocking Counter-Strike: Source pretty hard the last few weeks. I see this trend continuing.
imageshack sucks

I will list down my favorite games usually played at home if I feel bored doing nothing here in the Kingdom (Saudi Arabia)..

1. Guild Wars - sometimes I played with my brother on Dubai while I'm at KSA.
2. Call of Duty AIRBORNE - I always play this offline/solo mission game but seldom in online because my connection right now is very erratic so I can't play smoothly.
3. BIOSHOCK - Finished already tried to play it again in different mode level.
4. Gears of Wars - Finished 3 times in Offline Mode now, I will play this Online.
5. America's Army
6. Battlefield 2142 Deluxe Edition
7. Frontlines - Fuels of War

*NEW Games - Just bought recently
1. MASS Effect
2. Lost Planet Extreme Condition
3. Rainbow Six: VEGAS 2 - Finished already after six hours..:p

OFFLINE - Hmm... There are too many games installed in my pc right now and those i've already finished and still playing them are below:

1. First to Fight
2. Full Spectrum Warrior
3. Area 51
4. CS Source (I also have CS 1.6v). BTW, I have also Half Life: The Orange Box
5. Halo 2
6. Fall of Max Payne or Max Payne 2
7. Silent Hill 4
8. XIII (Thirteen) - German language with english caption
9. Shadow Grounds
10. Penumbra & Penumbra: Black Plague - It's hard at first, but when you finish the game you will play it again because you need to explore more places on this game.
11. Call of Duty 2 - After finishing this game, play it again using only the Sniper Rifle, I looooove using the sniper rifle killing the enemies,Big Grin
12. Sniper Elite
13. NFS Underground 2

But sometimes, I watch movies because playing too much online makes me very sleepy.

Do you think this is enough? Well, these are the current games I'm playing. :pBig Grin

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the ol' trusty Gamecube, although I haven't played in over a week now.

Last time I saved my game I had just made it to the 'City of the Heavens' of whatever that Ooco city is called.

Oh I did download the demo for GRID and played around with it a little... looks like an awesome racing game, although playing with the keyboard leaves a lot to be desired :lol:

the save for a Wii and Guitar Hero 3 game Sad

i haven't been playing much of anything lately. still trying to adjust to the recent changes in my life.
well whatever nevermind

sacred is still helping me escape. looking forward to sacred 2, was chosen as a beta-tester for it, but decided to drop out. i'm not really a tester. i really just wanted to peek at the game..
well whatever nevermind

Mario Kart Wii and Mario Galaxy

also playing the, i hope this vista disc works when it comes to my desktop

Spore, teehee.

Red Alert 2.
imageshack sucks

Overwheat Wrote:Spore, teehee.

holy moly! has that been released? i thot it was still in development. *slaps her forehead* i'm so lame!
well whatever nevermind

vesselle Wrote:holy moly! has that been released? i thot it was still in development. *slaps her forehead* i'm so lame!

It comes out in the U.S. this sunday (the 7th) it released in australia two days ago, hurray the internet.

i've been trying to play my Titan Quest/TQ Immortal Throne (a generous present from nox) but i can't seem to get it going.
i'm sure i'm forgetting something very obvious and i'll feel very dumb when i figger it out. :p

*sits down someplace where she can't see everyone making fun of her* Wink
well whatever nevermind

On a funny sidenote, Circuit City (where I live+work), put Spore on the shelf today.

I'm still knee deep in CS:S and RA:2
imageshack sucks

I thought it was supposed to come out today, all the papers are advertising it for sale today around here.

Currently playing Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. 150 characters, the story from the beginning of Dragon Ball all the way through Dragon Ball GT, including the movies... plus pretty good graphics (it's a PS2 game). It even has a Japanese language track if I get bored with the FUNimation dub.

playing spore!
i'm having a great time with it :p
well whatever nevermind

Nox Wrote:I thought it was supposed to come out today, all the papers are advertising it for sale today around here.

If you check it's wikipedia, the European release is today, North America's isn't supposed to be until the 7th. Even on it's main page it says the 7th.

i'm playing it now. Big Grin i can't help it if the gamestop put their copies out early. :p

[Image: spore.JPG]
well whatever nevermind

Apparantly, after selling through most of ours, the gal that does our normal new releases noticed the dozen or so copies left on the shelf and pulled em' immediately.
imageshack sucks

The Retro Clarinet Wrote:Apparantly, after selling through most of ours, the gal that does our normal new releases noticed the dozen or so copies left on the shelf and pulled em' immediately.

was that today? cause dustin pulled the "galactic editions" we had left yesterday when i was there.

today, i have been playing reformat my buddies computer, woot!

i wanna job at gamestop or ebgames.
well whatever nevermind

Overwheat Wrote:today, i have been playing reformat my buddies computer, woot!

dammit! by saying the "R" word, you just cursed the rest of us. :eek:
well whatever nevermind

vesselle Wrote:i wanna job at gamestop or ebgames.

I'd like to get a job like that...

Reminds me of a couple months back when I went to Lone Star Comics to sell them a bunch of Star Trek mags that my Dad had given me. The people there seemed to absolutely LOVE their jobs. Rarely do you see people who truly enjoy doing the job they earn a paycheck for. I just thought that was awesome.....

i'm still trying to get on at Zia Records, too. music and videos. yum! it doesn't really pay a lot, but everyone who works there is happy with their job. it's just that they never leave their job, so getting in is hard. *sigh*

it appears i'm going to haveta get a job at the freaking mall. *rolls her eyes* i HATE malls.
well whatever nevermind

vesselle Wrote:dammit! by saying the "R" word, you just cursed the rest of us. :eek:

lol, i have been trying to find a good vista ultimate x64 install disc for a long time now. my desktop hasn't actually run in 2 weeks.............

Back on track, sorta, I haven't played anything in awhile.

Except I did play some silly game called 'Go Go Gourmet' that my aunt wanted me to get her. It was actually pretty fun although that's hard to admit....

Still playing Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, I've beaten the story mode, and I've unlocked almost all the characters (only missing 6). Some of them are going to be pretty impossible though, since I need to collect the Dragon Balls in the game to earn the characters, and their distribution is random at best.

i'm currently playing the "reconfigure my actiontec m1000 so i can use my dd-wrt flashed wrt54g as my router". stupid qwest support.

playing spore. still.
i just spent about a little over an hour building a character that's based on my black cat, princeton. all teeth and sharp claws, silky black coat, green eyes.... Smile
and when i went in to start the new game, he was gone!


i'm gonna go to bed now, and maybe in the morning i'll feel like making him all over again.

well whatever nevermind

he was there! my lost little kitty.

but i am now making a new character. i need to make one with social skills. see if i can sing others over to my side. Big Grin
well whatever nevermind

[Image: spore%20critter%204.JPG]

that's my little guy i made to restart spore. if you notice his butt, there's a tail like thingie sticking out. it is, however, not his tail but his mouth! makes me giggle every time he stuffs food up into it.

:p i'm such a brat.

well whatever nevermind

re-playing Titan Quest: Immortal Throne. Smile and listening to the mother ship (Parliament) doing "Shit Goddam Get Off Yer Ass and Jam". :p
well whatever nevermind

finally hooked my wii back up and playing force unleased. if i like it, i may just buy it from game fly ($10 cheaper than anywhere else).

still smokin' with Titan Quest: Immortal Throne

i LOVE my current build and am having a blast slaughtering everything that comes my way.
well whatever nevermind

Guitar Hero III, Finally beat it on Expert, i hate the last boss.

still having fun in TQ:IT!

[Image: TQIT_Athena_Temple_thumb.jpg]
well whatever nevermind

Counter-Strike: Source

Gun Game. :-)
imageshack sucks

someone *looks side-eyed at MJ* promised me a PC copy of Mass Effect and hasn't delivered on it yet!
*mutters under her breath* snagga-ragga-fragga!!
well whatever nevermind

I'm waiting to get enough money to buy the Nintendo DS version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
CPU: Intel Q9650 @ 3.60GHz (9x400MHz)
Ram: 8GB OCZ Reaper PC2-1066
Video: EVGA GTX560 Ti SC 2GB @ 900/1800/2004 Heart
Sephiroth - Rog Strix Hero III G731GU
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