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Resident Evil 7 Trailer

For the fans of the Resident Evil franchise, this has been an interesting last week or so. Not only were there trailers released for the upcoming movie (January 2017 release) but also a trailer for the next game.

This trailer marks a huge departure from the series to this point, giving us a first-person perspective and gameplay that seems more reminiscent of something like Silent Hill or Amnesia than the RE series we know and love. I'm still looking forward to the game however, and I'll admit that's in no small part because just machine-gunning thousands of "not quite zombies at this point" is getting a bit stale.

So, what do you think?
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Well the trailer definitely makes it look like one of those jump scare games that are all the rage right now. Surely not a complete departure from the series as I remember it, but then again I haven't played a Resident Evil title since the first two were released on PC and Playstation. Yup, good old Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2... God I'm old....

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