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Favourite Homeworld?

So I am assuming that almost everyone here has played at least one of the homeworld games. Those include Homeworld , HW Cataclysm and Homeworld 2.

Its a tough one for me as I loved all 3. I think I preferred HW1s structure of researching various components and technology before you could construct a new ship and I preferred the different choice of ships to HW2. I think the second game was a bit too conservative in its approach to the tech tree and didn't do anything as unique as HW.

I think all 3 had a strong story. I found the progenitors in HW2 very interesting and racing to find Sajuuk was very fun. HW was more emotional and had many more unique scenarios as well. There were always new and interesting ships and enemies along the way which were unique to the single player.

Despite the strong points of both the other games, for me I think its got to be Cataclysm. I really liked the idea of turning your mining ship into a proper mothership through the course of the game and for me the Beast is the most interesting enemy in the series. At times the single player is more of a horror game as you hear the beast eating away at the defenceless crews of their victim ships. Trying to uncover what the beast is and where it came from had me racing through the single player.

Now my 42 paragraphs are out the way what was your favourite homeworld?

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