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Your most profound moment in gaming

What stands out as your most profound or memorable moments in gaming, either on the PC or console?

For me there are several, but I'll name a few:

1. Absolute most profound would be when I first saw an SNES and Super Mario World. I remember it like yesterday but it was actually the holiday season of 1991. We (the parents and I) were at K-Mart doing holiday shopping and they had a SNES set up to play with Super Mario World (it had just hit store shelves that September IIRC). I remember being completely blown away by the graphics and music - until then all I had seen were the NES and the TG16. I swear I must have stayed there for two hours playing the game (and making a long line of 8 year old kids wait... :lol: ).

I was 16 then. At 35 now I can hardly believe it's almost been 20 years. I still get that awesome butterflies in my stomach feeling when I see Super Mario World being played.

2. The first time I saw and played Doom for the PC. That game simply redefined games as we knew them... it defined the 'first person shooter'. Sure, we had Wolf3d a couple years before but Doom was something completely new. A 3D world with textured floors and ceiling, ambient lighting effects, and a wicked soundtrack. Doom was the first game to make me motion sick. I must have puked countless times before I got used to it.... something about the swaying of the gun and the up and down movement of the player view. BLARRRRGH! About the only time barfing was actually fun. Big Grin

3. Not really a moment, but I would have to throw my stint in 'Action Half-Life' in here. AHL was a strictly multiplayer mod for the original Half-Life and it was a total blast to play. Akimbo weapons, wall jumps, kicking people, team deathmatch! Oh my god it was such a good time! AHL was probably the very first multiplayer network game I ever played.

Honorable mention would be The Legend of Zelda for the NES, it was an experience and a world all it's own back then.

You know, there is a disturning lack of responses to this well thought out post.


I'm going to cop out and say that playing Super Mario Bros. on the NES for the first time is my profound moment.

I've played better written games, more fun games, and definitely better looking games, but without SMB, I don't think any of that would have happened. It was absolutely my gateway drug (for better or worse) and it's what got me into this crazy pasttime in the first place.
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I'll just say the whole Final Fantasy 7 experience was kind of an experience!

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