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Kids who think they look / sound cooler the more they swear...

I am so sick of kiddies online and in real life who think that they look cooler when they swear a lot. I've always felt this way but it's recently brought my blood to a boil when I befriended a couple of my cousins on Facebook and ALL THEY DO is swear every other word. :mad:

Now I'm no prude, those of you who know me know that I'm prone to the occasional profane remark especially when I'm on about something. But when you let profanity pour from your mouth (or fingertips) every other word it just makes you look like you are completely socially inept and unable to carry on an intelligent conversation.

This kind of nonsense ranks right up there with people who choose to type in 'leetspeek' (aka texting shorthand). And saying that you're texting from your mobile device is no excuse... almost every handset made in the last three years has a full qwerty style input. When I see someone post "I wuz eatng at mcdonalds and it wuz gr8 bt now i got the shitz" I automatically flag them a social retard and my estimation of their IQ drops by half.

Who's with me?

Yeah, fuck those guys. Wink
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Sorce Wrote:Yeah, fuck those guys. Wink


Yep, that drives me nuts. I've had to cut back because ... well, it really doesn't matter why because the baby's been Julie's captive audience for the past 37 1/2 weeks, and he's probably picked up some really colorful language (including Italian -- swearing + hand gestures).
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Italian swearing? Oh dear!!! Big Grin

Fuckity fuck fuck.. like that.???
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