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stupid myspace - Aphrodite - 09-03-2008

stupid stupid stupid myspace. a friend of mine emailed me her cell phone # through myspace... just tried to login and lo and behold.... "we know it won't work, we're working on it. don't email us. just wait it out." DAMMIT. if i wait too long i won't catch her before she goes to work. DAMMIT.

stupid myspace - TheGeekRedneck - 09-03-2008


Hey I need to login and check My Myspace page out, I haven't done anything to it in ages...

stupid myspace - vesselle - 09-03-2008

yeah, me too, jase.
it totally needs a serious upgrade. *sigh*

stupid myspace - vesselle - 09-14-2008

okay. i spiffed mine up.

jason? are you all spiffy, too? :p