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Full Version: Crapola....
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. I just noticed that it's raining and it has been for about half an hour now. Really unexpected as no rain has been forecast for my area and there was supposed to be no chance of rain for the forseeable future.

...and I just remembered that I left a brand new bag of quick-set concrete sitting out in the open in the back yard.... DAMN.

I suspect I am now the proud owner of a rather large bag-shaped yard stone... :lol:
pics or it didn't happen.
The Retro Clarinet Wrote:pics or it didn't happen.


Hey, I trust him ... but pictures would definitely be the win
:lol: It's rained twice since the original post, one of those times it was a real 'gullywasher', pouring rain for several hours. The bag of concrete is still sitting outside on a table... I haven't actually bothered to check it out yet I just assumed it's ruined and a solid chunk by now. :p