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Full Version: Proposed system build for 2012
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this is rev 1

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Just something I've been wanting to do with taxes, that is after i do the other important stuffs.

Lemme know if it's missing something. Yes I'm partial to intel, and of course i expect to have to change somethings as they become unavailable (I.E no longer carried, in production, etc.) Or if anything better comes along for the same price points. Smile

Yes i know it's lacking a video card, i will add that when i actually buy, as it changes sooooo much in so little time.
Link doesn't work.
I'd swap the SSD for an Intel, I'm too cheap to actually buy a sound card, and this power supply is both cheaper and rated higher.

Don't see a problem with the build otherwise, though.
I was looking at the gold cert, but im open.

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I have no idea what the difference is between the gold and bronze cert.
Supposedly the higher the certification, the better the more efficient it is @ using its power, and considering I run my system 24/7, I'm looking for high quality.

I honestly don't know if it really matters.

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I'm happy with my i5-2500K on a Z68 chipset ... pretty sure an i7-2600K would be that much more awesome Smile

Also, I don't think the H100 will fit in the Antec 902 unless you stick it in front, which is a bad idea unless you really want to pull hot air into the case. That is, after all, how these Corsair self-contained liquid coolers want to be cooled -- you want to pull cool outside air into the case. If you're dead-set on the 902, switch to the H80 instead; otherwise, you need to find a case that'll accommodate two 120mm fans in back or on top ... something like a Bitfenix Shinobi, Coolermaster HAF 932, Xigmatek Elysium, etc.

I'm happy with my H80, but I don't think I will ever overclock. I like quiet systems.

Also, your RAM is out of stock. Kingston Hyper-X FTMFW.
I do like the 932 case. Always have. Thanks for reminding me bout it. I want sure if I wanted to go full tower like I have now or mid. Im a big fan of corsair, but not opposed to the hyper x, what's you're
Opinion on it seeing as you're using it? And I'm not planning in overclocking, I just want quiet and cool.

Not sure if I wanna go complete water or not. Depends on the video card I get, I know with my gaming habits, its gonna get hot.
Also I am between gigabyte or evga, maybe even the classified series.
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I've been a die-hard Kingston fan ever since they gave me warranty support for a 16-port managed switch that they hadn't manufactured in a decade. I've used DDR, DDR2, and now DDR3 Hyper-X modules. I'm booting off a 64GB Kingston SSD. When it comes to RAM, I will always throw the Kingston name out there Smile The fact that they make a damn good product helps, too.

Trust me on this one -- the Corsair H80 is freaking brilliant. With my side panel on, I can't even hear the two fans (one on either side of the radiator), and it's on the medium-speed setting. All I hear are my four Samsung F3s, the 120mm Antec Tricool in front, and the two 80mm Antec Tricools in back ... but I also hear my 8800 GTS when I play games. Think that's the next thing to be replaced. But yeah, I definitely don't regret going with the H80 over the stock i5-2500k heatsink.