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Full Version: freaking food prices
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ok, it should not cost me $30 to get 3 plastic bags of food and one 12 pack of generic pop (and most things i got were generic or on sale). argh....................
I just spent $136.
Please do not swear in thread titles, thanks. Smile
Nox Wrote:Please do not swear in thread titles, thanks. Smile

crap, i missed it.
Neocorteqz Wrote:crap, i missed it.

Could've swung the BAN HAMMER!

Big Grin
gotta agree with you runt.
it stinks!
i can't carry much more than a coupla bags of groceries and maybe a coupla of diet cokes on my bike. but the price for that is always around $60. and that's not even enough for the whole week. sheesh! that's with the store's discount card and coupons!