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Full Version: SSDs in RAID0: 1 month later...
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Well it's been about a month since I put my two 80GB Intel X25-M G2 SSDs in a RAID0 array and things are still running absolutely great... so sign of the dreaded 'no TRIM in RAID = eventual performance degradation' as of yet and as a matter of fact the array actually benchmarks slightly better than it did the day I created the array.

Granted, I was pretty careful about how I set things up knowing that SSDs without TRIM are doomed to eventual performance degradation (this is an unfortunate fact).

  • The array is set at 130GB instead of the full 149.1GB that both drives put together actually total. This leaves some 'dead space' on the SSDs to help with the drives internal housekeeping and keep the data from being 'fragmented' on the NAND cells.

  • I've taken great care to try and reduce the number of unnecessary WRITES to the drive. This involves disabling superfetch, defragging, hibernation file, system restore, search indexing, and a few other various Windows options. Take note that windows 7 is actually SSD aware and will disable defragging on it's own - very important since traditional defragging is DEADLY to solid state drives.

  • I've also taken more measures to reduce writes to the array such as setting the scratch files and/or temporary working directories for all of my various programs to point to one of my mechanical hard drives.

Really the only writes that the system does is to the virtual memory / swap file and that is set to a static size in the system control panel. Since I have 8GB memory I could probably even disable the swap file entirely except some older Windows applications really don't like that.

I have little doubt that this setup could last for up to a year with little performance loss due to not having TRIM commands sent to the SSDs. Smile