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Full Version: My Wife
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So she splits after 4 years of marriage, she moves down to florida with my children and I let her to show I trust her. Maybe a month, two tops she has a boyfriend and is sleeping with him, and bringing him into my children's lives.

Now meanwhile I'm not allowed closure , there is another man with my children which I view as too early to bring someone else around them, And she promised she'd never do that.

She claims I am treating her badly and is now pushing set times I can see my kids online.

I say....

So what if I'm treating her badly, she deserves every bit of it, she is nothing more than a cheating whore to me. I mean I don't mean to treat anyone badly, it's not who I am. And yes even though she has hurt me more than anything else in this world, I still wish her the best. I ask myself why I still have feelings for someone who obviously doesn't think she is doing anything wrong. She is acting like a child for the most part, and needs to stop everything and think things through.

I'm not bashing her in a public forum, these are things I need to get out, things I don't need to keep inside. there is much more that could be told here, but I deem it private, and unlike her, I will not share it for all to see.
See I am the adult here, and when I set into motion my plans, she'll see who cares about what more.

I truly believe she is doing harm to my children by seeing and having him stay with her. and of course she doesn't care nor wants to see anyone's point of view. I worry more about my kids, and I hate her for it. And hate is not a word I use... if ever.

Comment if you wish. just please @ my request, if you wish to "bash" her, PM me, but keep all comments civil if you have any. I do truly welcome all comments and advice, experiences and the like.