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Full Version: Freakin' AT&T... (RE: DSL customer service)
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I wish AT&T would get their shit together and switch me to the RIGHT DSL tier. :mad:

First they trick us into signing up for their $60/month package with 'All Distance' calling by telling us it includes the Elite DSL plan when in fact it doesn't - it comes with 'Express' which is a loooong way from Elite (6mbit vs. 1.5mbit).

Then when we call to have them correct that BS, they promise that the DSL plan will be switched by 8PM last night. Well here it is almost 11:30PM and we're still connecting at 'Express' speeds - even after a modem power cycle.

[Image: 522598264.png]

Someone's getting an ass chewing tomorrow - you don't make promises you can't freakin' keep. :mad: