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Originally Posted by evildre View Post
Oh I mean server shit

It would be really nice if Hyper-V had sound drivers so I didn't have to install something else on a Windows host in order to use a Linux desktop to test things out properly.

In other news, the whole roof rack/cargo bag setup is installed on the Civic, along with a shitload of stickers. Feedback I've gotten is "fucking sick." That's good, I gather. Next up: pack the suitcase and tools into the cargo bag, and pack the network shit into the trunk.
I have ReactOS running in VirtualBox on my machine.

In other news, I'm deploying two SQL Server 2012 VMs, three Exchange 2016 Enterprise VMs, six Skype for Business Server Front End VMs & two Skype for Business Trusted Application Server VMs in our test environment so we can test a Skype for Business Enterprise setup with multiple pools & multiple servers per pool....
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Originally Posted by Yoda
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