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Old Yesterday, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorce View Post
Attempting to get started on figuring out this Raspberry Pi.

I say "attempting" because of all the things I've hoarded over the years, none are an extra keyboard.
Off the top of my head I know how to enable TTL connection to the Pi before booting it for the first time (just stick "enable_uart=1" in the config.txt file), but I don't remember ssh. That said, once you get your USB keyboard plugged in, you can enable ssh or VNC or both, and connect to it over your network I prefer ssh because all 30 or so of the Pis I'm working with are running Raspbian Lite, which doesn't have a GUI.

Also, for the love of all that is holy, remember to set the locale/keyboard to EN-US, because it's set to EN-GB by default.

Speaking of no GUI, I threw Proxmox on three old developer PCs at the office and set up a goddamn cluster. Yep, there are three machines under three different desks, all running the latest release of Proxmox VE, with a 4TB GlusterFS volume shared across all three, that enables me to build VMs and live migrate them between nodes with no-to-minimal downtime. And the best part? From bare metal to live migrating a VM from node 1 to node 3 was just under an hour. Just ... holy shit.
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I actually ended up ordering a $10 keyboard on Amazon because I needed to buy a wireless Xbox 360 dongle for the thing anyway.
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I fucking hate my new motherboard - so much that I posted this rant about it over at the [H]:
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