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Old 12-07-2017, 10:11 AM
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I ordered this WD external hard drive this morning, it's on sale for $139.99 at Best Buy right now. This one has a WD RED 8TB SATA drive inside - which sells bare for $300 normally and occasionally goes on sale for $250. I'll be removing the bare drive from the enclosure and putting it in my PC to replace the 2 and 3TB 5 year old Seagate drives I have in there now - which themselves were pulls from external enclosures.

- Samsung UN50MU6070 50" 4K TV to replace my current UN50JU6500 as PC monitor and bedroom TV. This is pretty much the exact same TV as the MU6300, just a special SKU for Best Buy's holiday sales. As with previous generation BF TVs, it's been neutered by removing Bluetooth (which I have never used anyway) and paring the HDMI ports down from 3 to just 2. Aside from that the panel is supposed to have better specs all the way around. Input lag is like 5ms lower in PC mode than the JU6500, pixel response is said to be better, as well as black levels. It also supports HDR, although not on the same level as higher end units like the MU8000 series. I'll be selling the JU6500 to my aunt / roomie to replace an ancient 47" JVC that's in her room on the wall now.

I also bought all of this stuff in the last week:

- 100 CAT6 RJ45 connectors with load bars (for making custom lengths of patch cables)
- 10x RJ45 CAT6 rated keystone jacks from another Ebay seller
- Generic spring loaded punch down tool for terminating those keystone jacks and patch panels
- Punch down 'puck' to make punching down those keystone jacks less hassle and to avoid slipping and putting a hole through my hand.
- Cheap 100 foot steel fish tape that still hasn't arrived a week after it was promised.

On Amazon:

- Another spring arm for my desk to hold my mic(s) during live streams or other activities. This is my second one because the first wouldn't fit the side of my Ikea Jerker (the clamp wasn't wide enough). This one came with a cheap shock mount as well...
- Blue Yeti Blackout Edition USB microphone for the live streaming as well as for voiceover work in some of my Youtube videos.
- Pop filter / sock for the above mic.
- Cheap glow rod / fish rod set for the big wired home networking and security cameras project.
- 100 count Velcro re-usable cable ties. I've wanted some of these for a long ass time...
- Cheap generic Bluetooth OBD-II code reader, again I've wanted one for awhile and the CEL just came on in my cousin's 2003 CRV. The reader works great and I was able to clear the code too. It was a P0420 which basically means the cat isn't working like it should anymore. So we're gonna have to buy a new cat for it before inspection / registration time rolls back around in June.
- Queen sized down alternative comforter because it was on a Slickdeal for $17 after coupon code, and my old comforter was like 20 years old and the stuffing was coming out. So far I'm impressed for $17, hell even the $25 price before coupon seems extremely cheap to me. It's well made and super puffy and comfy!
- Elephas branded Qi wireless charging stand. I've wanted a wireless charger since I got my LG G6 a few months back. This thing is freaking fantastic! I love the stand format versus the traditional wireless charging pad or puck, and it looks super slick as well. I just posted my Youtube review of this last night. Awesome for $17 or so...
- Nestle Coffee-Mate liquid creamer - I'll be giving this away to someone else in the family, I was hoping it would be tastier than the powdered kind but it's exactly the opposite. Just makes the coffee taste watered down, no real creamy mouth feel to it at all. I guess I'll stick to the powdered kind.
- McCafe premium roast coffee in a big can. I'll use this with refillable K-cups. It's supposed to be pretty nice coffee (for cheap coffee anyway).
- 100 LED waterproof copper starry string lights. I love these kinds of lights and I wanted to get a set in RED to turn a glass Fireball bottle into a redneck tacky lamp.
- Lawry's seasoned salt - it was a cheap filler item to get an order over $35, and we needed some anyway.
- 5-pack of 5 foot long CAT6 patch cables. In case I get tired of making my own...
- International Delight Hazelnut liquid coffee creamer... I'm hoping this tastes better than the Coffee-Mate liquid creamers, but if not I'll give it away too. It was a super cheap filler item and was on clearance too.


- 24 port 1U Keystone style patch panel - this was a last minute decision to get and use instead of the traditional punch down type panel I had purchased previously. I like the idea of using keystone jack inserts better...
- 1U wall mount bracket for the above patch panel
- 20x white keystone RJ45 CAT6 rated keystone jacks - this was the reason I was on Monoprice in the first place. These were/are on sale for 59 cents each which handily beats any other deal I've seen. almost half as expensive as the cheap generic ones I got off of Ebay last week.
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Old 12-07-2017, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Yoda
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