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Originally Posted by TheGeekRedneck View Post
Specific downfalls to that? I'm not up on my network shit, I just want it to work. As long as my AC68U is being passed everything (since it will be exposed in the DMZ) it should be cool, right?

I suppose I could ditch the AC68U and rely on the AT&T supplied gateway for routing duties, but I have a feeling that would really piss me off. I remember the old U-Verse Gateway my parents had being absolutely retarded as far as the UI and advanced routing abilities went. Like, NO options for QoS and bandwidth limiting...
Nothing in home use really, just extra stuff to take into account if you're exposing things to the internet. Just requires a bit of extra care to get public-facing devices set up correctly.

The AT&T supplied gateway has poor wireless range compared to the R8000 I put in its place. DD-WRT gave me QoS, bandwidth limiting, and so on. The AT&T gateway has a really basic, ugly web interface that doesn't give you much in the way of configuration options. Sure, you can configure your own SSID/key, block specific MACs, change your DHCP range, poke pinholes in the firewall etc., but your own router will give you much better config options.

<edit> Also, Netgear's default firmware sucks. Good going Netgear, choking out on an upstream 16-port unmanaged switch. DD-WRT doesn't shart when it encounters exactly the same situation.
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