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Originally Posted by Sorce View Post
Okay, this is probably the worst time of the year to say this, but I will anyway.

Nox, whenever you decide to get back on Project Walk My Ass Off, I will totally join you. I mean, I don't live in Texas, and only have my cell phone for video, but I'll do it anyway.
Yeah, that decision is coming really soon.

I wouldn't admit this anywhere else (not even on my video blogs) but I am huge right now. Dangerously overweight. Like I could be on one of those TLC shows overweight.

I've always been a big guy... from the time I was 18 I've been at least 250. In April of 2009 I weighed 350lbs. Last month I weighed and ... well... let's just say it was more than that.

I'm a huge tall guy, 6'2" so I wear the weight better than most but there's no denying I'm a humongus fatass. I've got to do something and NOW.

Funny thing is I don't really eat a lot. I mean I'm not eating like a bird either but I don't sit and scarf 23 big Macs or 4 plates at dinner. My problem is 90% lack of exercise... I sit here in my little room afraid to even go and walk because I'm afraid of what people will say. It's a constant struggle and probably worthy of one of those trash TV shows I mentioned earlier.
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