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Originally Posted by TheGeekRedneck View Post
The 1070 or new 1070 Ti are amazing cards for the money... word has it that with a slight overclock (like, not even really stressing anything) the 1070 Ti gives the original 1080 a good run for it's money.

I've had my Asus 1080 Strix edition card for ... sheesh almost a year and a half? I plan to keep it at least that much longer too. It's such a damn sexy beast of a card...
I recently bought four 1070 Ti cards for the marketing team. They don't actually do much marketing -- mostly 1080p content production (video, motion graphics, AR/VR) using Adobe products, which use CUDA cores. Moar CUDA cores = better performance = happier marketing team. I've also upgraded all but one of their machines to i7-6850k processors because the 7-series i7s and i9s are overkill for processing power. The one I haven't upgraded yet is on a 5-series i7, so the performance improvement won't be too large, but it will extend the life of that machine. Additionally, all of their PCs are liquid cooled for great justice and silence. That coupled with the TT Suppressor F51 (no window) or the Nanoxia Deep Silence 3 case, two SSDs (NVMe and SATA), and a 6TB spinner (HGST DeskStar NAS) means performance and longer-term storage goodness. Also 64GB of RAM.

Helps to not have a budget, and to know wtf I'm doing
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