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My local repository experiment was a success. I was able to perform a full sync overnight, and then perform a centos netinstall on another local VM in under 3 minutes, followed by a full yum update in less than 2. Definitely faster than doing it over a 45 Mbps connection.

Now to plan it out for the office. I don't allow outbound tcp/873, so I'll need to open that for a server to do rsync. I'll also need to check out our existing centos boxes to see which repos they're running, and make local mirrors of those as well. I know the base, upgrades, and epel repos are needed, and I prefer to implement webmin as a yum repo rather than to install it from rpm because hooray dependency verification.

We do have a pair of 1 Gbps lines coming into the building, so it's not a question of low bandwidth ... I figure having one server go out and get the updates is a lot more efficient than having a shit-load of them do it.

Now ... wonder if I can set up a raspbian repository on centos as well
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