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Goat Simulator

I actually played this a little over a month ago after my little brother gifted it to me on Steam... I really wanted to wait at least a couple of weeks so I could give an honest opinion, uncolored by the hype that surrounded the game at launch time.

Goat Simulator is a stupid game. It's also brilliant. It's brilliantly stupid.

I honestly think the folks at Coffee Stain Studios might have been smoking a little of the 'wacky tobaccy' when they came up with the idea for this game, and somehow during the production process NO ONE shit-canned it. This turned out to be a good thing, because even though it's outlandishly....... stupid (there's that word again) it's also fantastic in it's stupidity. Goat Simulator never takes itself seriously, and in the process manages to make fun of almost every stereotype in modern gaming. In particular the game pokes huge fun at achievements. There are achievements for everything from simply jumping over an item or head-butting a barrel to doing crazy obscure tasks no typical gamer would ever think of. The game also conceals quite a few easter eggs, from the simple to the outlandish... and rewards for finding the more outlandish stuff are pretty crazy. There's something about the game and the way the single map is layed out that just keeps you coming back to try new things.

You're not going to spend a lot of time with the game - although the single map the game has to offer seems big at first, it's really pretty tiny and within an hour's time you've seen and done all you need to - and that's counting all the hidden stuff. There is no plot, no checkpoints, everything is done in a single gameplay session. Coffee Stain has promised DLC in the form of new maps and addons in the coming months, and strangely enough I'm actually looking forward to all of it.

At the price (under $10) it's hard not to recommend Goat Simulator... it's a fantastic time waster. And if you're lucky enough to catch it really cheap on a Steam sale or bundle, that's all the better.
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