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Sitting at my PC again, only the third time in a month I've powered it on - to do website updates for a client. The angry knee doesn't like being bent sitting at the desk chair. I miss my PC - I've been surviving with my S8+ since I blew out the knee.

Went to my primary care doctor yesterday afternoon, she's sending me for an MRI and given me a prescription for Tramadol for pain. My bad and good cholesterol numbers are both BAD so she's putting me back on Simvastatin. They're bad due to not having ANY exercise since the end of May... all the more reason I want this goddamn knee fixed / healed. I miss those 15-20 mile 5AM bike rides so much....

The last month has been really rough emotionally too - I won't go into too much detail but I've thought about cashing in my chips a couple times.

It's also hot as fucking balls here. The last week the high has been like 103 or 104 degrees. Thank god for air conditioning.

Knee is screaming in pain so I guess it's time to get off the PC.
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