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Poker Night At the Inventory 2
I mean, it's fuckin' Poker; there's not much else to it.

The fun part of this game comes from your fellow competitors. You get to play against Claptrap (from Borderlands), Sam (of Sam and Max), Ash (of Army of Darkness), and Brock Samson (of the Venture Brothers). The dealer is GLaDOS from Portal, and of course there's a bar, tended by Mad Moxxi (again, from Borderlands). Interesting conversations and wackiness ensues.

The story is non-existent, you're playing Poker and the object is to win. Every so often, one of the other players puts up a trinket as a bounty, and you get it if you're the last hand standing. There's a good amount of customization as far as cards, table felt, and bar themes (all relating to the other characters' franchises), and there are rewards as far as costume DLC for Borderlands 2.

As far as the actual poker, there's an attempt at being legit there, with each character having tells and reactions that you have to try and figure out in order to win. For me, I've never been able to pick up on things like that (even if the same lines are repeated), so I like to just sit back, relax, and play a round of poker from the comfort of my couch. As a result, I haven't really "beaten" it yet, despite putting in about 5 hours or so, even if I've earned most of the rewards. I'd imagine if I was actually good at poker, I'd be long done with this (or at least earning/unlocking everything).

It's fun, but not super-great; for me, it's a low-energy time-waster if I just want to chill out and game but not get wrapped up in anything "serious".
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