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The Division
It's an open world Shoot 'n Loot like your Borderlandses, or really any game where you kill stuff on the chance to get better stuff than what you have currently. The backdrop this time is good ol' NYC, where there was a viral outbreak and it's your job to make sure the city has working power, filtered water, and prep for a cure. But really you just shoot everyone (ideally) faster and harder than they're shooting you, and then you win the day.

As an aside, everything is a bullet sponge except for you. You're a bullet magnet, even when you're vastly overleveled. Fun! Except not always.

There's a co-op function as well, so you can team up with the dudes/ladies on your friendslist, (or just in-game) to run the missions/encounters that you or they want to run. From what I've seen, there is no real level cap either, though the story missions end at Lv.30. I've seen people in the 300s though, and that's probably because of The Dark Zone. That's the section of the map where all the really good loot is, and also where Friendly Fire is turned off so the aforementioned friends can kill you and take your stuff. Or you can do it to them. It's fun for the whole family!

-Meh, unless you really like killing people and taking their stuff, just for the fun of it.
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