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Life is Strange
I bought this during the Steam Summer Sale in 2016, because I'd heard it was good even though it's one of those QTE everywhere/Telltale-type games. I wasn't too keen on playing an 18yo High School Senior, even if she had awesome time-rewinding powers. But everyone I'd talked to had nothing but positive things to say about the game, so I grabbed it.

Fast forward a year later, and I actually installed and started playing it. Oops.

This game is fantastic. It's not perfect, but it is fantastic. You start the game as Max Caulfield, a semi-recent transfer to Blackwell Academy, a school in the town her family moved away from 5 years ago. So things are vaguely familiar to her, but also not, since 5 years is a long time for a teenager. Of course, idyllic small-town life wouldn't be much fun if there wasn't something to do, so the game provides you with a gigantic-fucking-tornado that will destroy the town in a few days, and no real way (that Max knows of) to stop it. But I digress.

The actual meat of the story is through a series of events, Max stumbles upon her best friend from childhood, Chloe Price. The two then hatch a plan (well, mostly Chloe) to find Chloe's missing friend, who no one in the town seems to care is actually missing. Even if she was practically The Best Girl/Student/Friend ever. Enter the ability to rewind time a bit, and you spend your days chasing down clues, saving people's lives (without them knowing, because rewind) getting bloody noses, and finding out What Is Really Going On.

This is a game that prides itself on choices and choosing, and boy does that come up. A lot. Vigorously and often, one might say. Everything from possibly stopping a bully, to maybe erasing a website that hurts a friend off a mirror, and how often you water the plant in your dorm room.

Like I said, the game is fantastic, and even manages to execute a genre-shift late in the story that totally fucking works even if it felt like it came out of nowhere. I would stop just short in saying that it's my (retroactive) GOTY 2015 though, but not because of any kind of particular failing in the game. That just also happens to be the same year that Tales From the Borderlands came out.

So yeah, ya'll need to pick this game up. Like, hella quick.
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