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Batman: Arkham Knight
More of the same, really. This is not an inherently bad thing mind you, because I enjoyed the hell out of Asylum and City. It's kind of actually less annoying insofar as the Riddler stuff isn't nearly as numerous (243 Trophies/Riddles/Activities v. 440 in City). The story itself is also pretty good, since everyone loves Scarecrow and an excuse to somehow include all the major Bat-villains somehow.

Of course, there's one notable absence because at the end of the last game

Batman killed The Joker

but even that is handled pretty well in-game for the sequel. Even the 'new' villain, who shares their name with the title, the Arkham Knight isn't too bad all things considered. There was really only two problems I had with the game and only one worth detailing. The other is whether or not the game runs. It ran for me, it doesn't for others. If it runs for you, so be it; if it doesn't, it works great on console, is what I'm saying.

No, the actual issue I have is with the game's over-dependence on Batman's ride, the Bat-Tank. It's called the Batmobile, but the damn thing is a tank, so that's what I'm calling it. Riddler forces Batman to use it for his stuff, Arkham Knight forces Batman to use it for his stuff, but it handles like a drunken rhino, and it's really just easier to grapple (x5 speed boost this go-round) and glide across the city. Also the Arkham Knight's reveal is supposed to be a big deal, and I suppose it is, but anyone who's familiar with the comics will know who it is by the time that happens. It may even actually end up being spoiled for you if you can complete a certain batch of Riddler stuff beforehand.

The sidemissions are mostly entertaining, especially if you have the expansion stuff, which fills in the gaps as far as "missing Bat-villains" goes.

Anyway, the game is fine to good, but not great. Now on to the DLC!

The Batgirl DLC is pretty much the only real good one. The rest are decent to mediocre, with more of the latter than the former. None of them are very long, comprising 1 or 2 sneaking areas, then a full-on boss fight and that's about it. You do get to play as a variety of characters, which is new. Nightwing, Robin, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Red Hood round out the protagonists, and they all have their own pros and cons for their abilities. These missions are also not in the main game, and listed underneath 'Arkham Episodes', meant to be played after you beat the base game.

(Though Batgirl's and Harley's technically are before, timeline-wise.)

I grabbed this for ~$10, and I think it was money well-spent, so if you can find the whole shebang for that or less, I'd say bite. If it's more (like, under $20), I'd consider how much of a Bat-fan you are, and how much of a completionist you are. If it's more than $20, pass on it. And hard.
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