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Sure, why not.

The Crew

Basically a single-player MMO with RPG elements racing game. The story is a revenge tale (plus undercover cops), and entertaining enough, with the kind of acting you'd expect. Except there's an actual protagonist instead of Player Avatar, which means there's actual conversations instead of everyone monologuing at you.

And to answer your question, you absolutely can play and beat this game solo, if that's your prerogative. However, the game does encourage everything to be done via multiplayer (aka your Crew) because everything is better with friends. Never Drive Alone and all that. The downside of all that is that the game needs a persistent internet connection and will straight up not work if one is not present. Or an update b0rks their servers or something. Both of which have happened to me, sometimes at inopportune times.

As far as the RPG elements, all that really means is you level up, and there's points. As of right now the player character level cap is 50 (increased to 60 in the upcoming DLC), with each level giving you 1 point to spend on a plethora of skills available to you. Some improve your car's abilities, some give you economic benefits, some help you navigate the world better. You can also reset your points at any time in case you want to change how they're distributed. the player character isn't all that can level up, though. In addition to the 50 levels for the driver, the parts you can purchase or win for your car(s) go from 1-50. There's different levels within that as well, following the standard Bronze-Silver-Gold-Platinum scheme. So you might have a Lv. 25 Platinum ECU, but it's beat out by a Lv. 40 Bronze ECU. The secondary layer to all that is some parts also grant bonuses to things like acceleration, or tire grip, things like that. Those are also separate from the level of the part. The third thing is what I call the "iLevel" (to borrow a word from FFXIV). The iLevel applies to a car in general, and is the culmination of all the parts that have been acquired for it. It's not a straight Lv. 50 ECU = +50 iLevel, but it is another set of numbers that can be kept track of. The current cap for that is 1299, which is attained by having all Lv. 50 Platinum parts AND having points in the requisite skills from levelling up the player. And yes, having something that awesome does include grinding for "gear", because it's an MMO and that's how that sort of thing works. Platinum parts only start to show up after you hit Lv. 50 as the player.

The cars are varied and plentiful as well. Each car you purchase can be used many different styles (not all have the proper variants) for different kinds of races. There's the Fullstock, which doesn't have Nitro and can't be modded for performance, it's the "base car" when you first purchase it. After that, you can choose to take that car to a Tuner, and see what kind of automotive monstrosity you can turn it into. Will you make it a trail runner? A street-legal race car? Give it huge tires/suspension and run it like a baja racer? Turn it into a Circuit Race Queen? Or just drop your wallet on the table and go full Monster Truck? And those aren't even all the options. (Also some options are DLC, so beware of that.) And there's motorcycles too, in case you're curious. And supposedly the upcoming DLC will be adding a couple of cars in the "Police vehicle" flavor.

Of course, since this does have a multi-player component, there's also PvP and Factions you can join. PvP is pretty straight-forward, you go to that specific area and race against other people (either solo or in a Crew). Factions are a group you belong to and have a rank in, which can improve if you run missions for that Faction to increase their standing in comparison to the other Factions in the game. There's five of those total, one for every area, and you can join whichever you wish, and can change whenever you wish. Increasing standing means more cash for you, more point bonuses, that sort of thing.

All of that said, the game is pretty friggin' fun. There's a wealth of cars to drive, different ways to drive them, and enough different events to keep your attention outside of the main story. The grind can be annoying, but you can get some badass parts to make badass rides, so it's up to you if you think the payoff is worth it.
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