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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!
Yeah, this is a thing. An unnecessary thing, but a thing nonetheless.

This is the story of how Handsome Jack rose to wield the power (and become the villain) he is in Borderlands 2. Except the framework for the game's story happens after Borderlands 2 so you can't just play this between BL1 and BL2. In fact, there's a whole timeline now, which I will now show you.

Borderlands 1 (and all DLC)
Borderlands 2 (and all DLC)
Tales from the Borderlands Episodes 1-3
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! (and all DLC)
Tales from the Borderlands Episodes 4-5

The redeeming fact being that most of the time, you're gonna have a lot of bullet-infused fun.

Anyway, back to The Pre-Sequel. It's not a bad game, mechanically almost a carbon copy of BL2. The main difference is this: Oz kits. They're your Oxygen kits for the parts of the game without an atmosphere (like the surface of Elpis) but they also allow usage as a thruster to enhance your jumping, or other non-walking actions. Of course, if you're in a spot where there is no natural Oxygen and you use up your Oz kit's container, you start suffocating because you can't breathe. The natural solution to this is threefold, so it's not as big of a deal as you might think it is. Enemies drop Oxygen, there's natural Oxygen vents, and even Oxygen pumps you can stand next to. Also you don't lose Oxygen when you're driving a vehicle, and in Claptrap's case, he doesn't need to breathe in the first place. Oz kits also give bonuses to various things, so in that regard they're like a second Class Mod/COM if you're familiar with the other games. Oz kits aren't character specific like those are however, so anyone can equip any kit.

Anyway, on to the actual story. It wasn't bad, but since we largely know how it ends going into it (based on playing Borderlands 2), this was more for some of the lore to flesh out the world itself. We learn how Threshers get to Pandora, or a bit more of the Vault Hunters' backstories, or what Brick's thoughts on Jump Pads are. The game is largely solid, but it hasn't set my world on fire like the previous games did. A lot thunder was stolen by making this a prequel since in development, the story had to go in a certain direction whether it was a natural jump or not. The ending(s) absolutely got undercut by the existence of Borderlands 2, but of course this game wouldn't exist if Borderlands 2 never came out in the first place. It's a Catch-22, if I'm using that correctly.

Anyway, it's serviceable, way more fun in co-op/with friends, and if you can pick it up with the Season Pass for under $20, a good deal. 3 tofu blocks out of 5.

edit: There's also laser guns which are neat (or at least neat-adjacent) and Cryo replaces Slag as your damage buffer.
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