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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012)
Well, this game is "free forever" on Origin this month, so I grabbed it being a fan of both the Need for Speed franchise in general, and a big fan of the original Most Wanted. What I ended up getting out of the deal was... not what I had hoped. There are good and bad aspects to the game, which I'll go in to now.

First, the bad. It takes the original Most Wanted, and straight up rips the single player story out of it. There is a single player aspect to the game, but there's not really anything that you could call a story. There is progression, but no people to tie you into the game. Everything is built towards generic ranking up, and multiplayer. Also, the AI can be pretty bad. And not bad in that "oh ha ha they're inept" kind of way, but the "FUCK YOU, THE PLAYER" kind of way. Rubberbanding happens, cops and fellow racers being vehicular snipers happen, seemingly "cheating" random spawns happen, that sort of thing. Every race does have a little cutscene before it, but like I said, there's no story to it. What instead is either shots of the location, or some crazy-ass Pink Floyd inspired intro with crazy colors, stunts or camera effects. Thankfully those are skippable. And an odd decision, there's no manual transmission in the game; everything's an auto.

So now that the bad is out of the way, time for the good. It's still a decent arcade racer; the cars all handle and react differently, so you need to learn how they work in order to do the best with them. There is a variety of car types to bolster this, as well as around 60 cars or so to run. There's a few different kind of races, enough to keep you satisfied, as well as challenges around the city involving billboards, gates, and speed cameras. The cars themselves also have the ability to earn/unlock better and different parts (that can be changed on the fly!) for the races. Autolog is present again which is okay, since using it is a better alternative to live online MP (imo) and comparing stats with your friends, or just seeing their record on a billboard or speed camera is pretty neat. It should also be mentioned that while the Top 10 racer/cars in the city are locked behind races, all of the other cars (DLC aside) are available from the start, you just have to find where they're parked and then swap into them. And lastly, the music is inoffensive, if forgettable. The only real track I can recall is a remix of Teenage Wasteland, but that's only because it's a remix of Teenage Wasteland. The rest is some kind of similarly-themed electronic or techno-flavored stuff.

Overall it's not a bad game, but I don't think I'd pay $60 for it (since, well, I didn't). If you don't get it while it's free, then waiting until it's on sale would be my recommendation. Of course, all the DLC will still cost money, but that'd be up to you if you want to plunk the cash down.
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