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Battlefield 3
I'm not much interested in MP unless it's PvE and not PvP, so this game is mostly a miss for me. That said, I did play the SP story and it was alright. Standard action movie stuff with more focus on the military aspect (because, duh) and you got to play as different people in the story and see what they contributed, while showcasing a variety of gameplay modes/styles. Obviously reminiscent of Medal of Honor since that's the Grand-daddy of all of these types of games (but Battlefield specifically). That aspect was fun since I did get to run around with a shotgun and kill bad guys, or fly a plane and kill bad guys, or drive tanks to blow up bad guys, and even snipe a few times for shits and giggles.

The one real problem I have with the game is the game's process itself, where apparently launching the game doesn't actually launch the game. It launches your default internet browser instead, and from there you launch the game. I could see that as something for the MP part of the game, but for SP? Fuck no.

As far as picking it up, it should be damn near free at this point, since it's at least 2 games back in the franchise, but unless you're big into PvP Multiplayer, it's probably worth skipping.

edit: It's also worth mentioning that according to Origin I've got 5 hours clocked in (and I've finished the SP portion) on the game, and all of the achievements are MP-related.
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