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Metro: Last Light (Redux)
I've owned the base game for a while, but I didn't really have the 'horsepower' to run it. That was a few upgrades ago, and I've since picked up the Redux iteration, which is basically a GOTY version with some minor graphical upgrades.

The game picks up where the first one left off, though there's one big drawback for me. At the end of Metro 2033, you get a very important choice to make regarding the plot. In Metro: Last Light your save doesn't carry over, so the choice is made for you; my choice and the game's choice were different. It's ultimately okay though, since the second game is built around that choice, and the ending I got is the much more difficult of the two to obtain.

Anyway, on to Last Light itself. The game encourages two styles of play, "Survival" and "Spartan". The former enhances the stealth and resource management aspect of the game, while the latter is more run-and-gun. Both playstyles are indeed possible no matter what you choose, though running and gunning on Survival is.. difficult. For what I picked, I went with Survival, because I liked the first game's attempt at it, with more sneaking up behind people and getting rid of them quietly as well as seeing how far I could get without getting seen.

Unfortunately there's a bug in the game where you lose the ability to knock people out around half-way, which means either you start killing everyone, or try and avoid any kind of contact with any person or creature at all. I opted for the latter after a few tries, though I did have to kill people if I needed to; the key being needed, because a firefight generally would not go in my favor.

Anyway, the second game has a similar setup to the first in regards to it's Morality System where there are things you can do (or not do) that earn you points. The player never knows how many they have, and the points themselves influence the ending you unlock. I was hoping for the Good End, but didn't know if I'd actually get it until the end of the game. Thankfully I did unlock it, though there's enough there to play through again to see how the other ending plays out.

Since it is the Redux version, all the DLC is included, which means there are a bunch of side-missions outside of the main campaign where you play as other characters on certain missions. For example in the main game, you head out with a sniper to investigate something, and the side-mission is you playing as the sniper.

Overall I like the game, KO bug not withstanding, and I'm looking forward to the sequel.
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