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Tales of the Borderlands
So, if you've been paying attention, I'm a fan of the Borderlands franchise. I've played to completion the first two games and all of their attached DLC (and played, and played...). I've skipped the third game for now, but that's a post for another time.

Regardless, when Gearbox announced a game partnership with Telltale to make another entry, I was hesitantly curious. I knew that Telltale didn't do FPSers, which is one of the cornerstones of Borderlands. They tended to focus more on storytelling, though I didn't really know how that was done, because despite them having a handful of games to their credit, I'd never played any of them. I liked what little story there was in BL1 (there just happened to be almost none) and I loved the story in BL2, and of course the characters introduced in both were/are pretty awesome. So I saw the game on sale, and decided to grab it for shits and giggles. Gameplay-wise... it's almost all Quicktime Events and Timed Dialog choices. Basically the stuff I don't really like in other games. And I'm not a fan of it here, but it worked well enough (especially in one particular situation I'll mention later).

You play two protagonists, Rhys (a Hyperion employee) and Fiona (a Pandoran con-artist), as they initially try to broker a deal for a Vault Key... and all the chaos that ensues. The story itself is split into five chapters released every few months, though they're all out now, with multiple parts to each chapter as the dual protags talk, explain, wheedle, and everything else they can to move the story along. And I must say, they succeed. The game is absolutely great, and is probably my second-favorite in the franchise.

Along the way you meet new friends and old, along with new and old enemies, and then work with or against them as you please. Your gun only has one bullet; do you shoot Guy A now, or save the bullet for later in case it's even more necessary? Do you hack the car to escape, or try and bullshit your way into forging a partnership? Do you initiate Step Three?

TftB is quite the journey from beginning to end, and surprisingly, has the best gunfight in the franchise, considering it's not even an FPS.

So yeah, it's normally $25 on Steam (and less when it's on sale), and the first chapter is free on Mobile and Consoles... so get you one. Catch-a-Riiiiiiide!
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