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I wish I could remember a better experience with this game.

The gameplay was a clunky version of the Arkham fighting mixed with platforming straight out of Mirror's Edge/Hydrophobia. The one interesting aspect there was centered around a "memory remixing" mini-game where you had to change a person's recollection of events. It's a neat sort of puzzle, but the idea weirds me out on a deep level. Plus the fallout of remixing the memories is only shown if it's plot-relevant... most of the time. The rest they straight up ignore it.

So the story is you play Nilin, a Memory Hunter, who'd been captured by the (French?) government, and were sent to get your brain wiped. Someone helps you out, so you escape, and as a result, the two of you work together to bring down the system. Of course, you can't be a Freedom Fighter without breaking some crepes, so that happens along the way too.

The graphics in the game are pretty, nice vistas and visually well designed areas from the rooftops of Neo-Paris, to the decaying slums and sewers, to the artificial and sterile halls of what amounts to the science prison. That's probably about all it has going for it, though.

So yeah, nice looking game with one interesting (if weird) mechanic, surrounded by a mediocre story and clunky (at best) gameplay. I'd say wait for it on sale, if you really want it on PC, otherwise rent for a console or just ignore entirely. Either way though, bring a controller; I'm told that's the better way to play.

edit: I forgot, there was one other thing that I thought was interesting, and that was you could (within reason) design your own combos. You could also change them on the fly (as in, mid-fight) which made Nilin a lot more agile. Which was good, because any kind of fighting was clunky and grindy as shit.
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