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Wolfenstein: The New Order
This is not your Daddy's Wolfenstein. I don't say this to be edgy, but because it really isn't. To me, B.J. Blazkowitz is a human-shaped Nazi killing machine, and to say he isn't in the most recent incarnation would be a disservice. But this time around he's also got thoughts, feelings, and characterization. You'll gut a Nazi soldier like a fish, but when you're sneaking into a prison from the underwater tunnels you get internal dialog like "I swam in rivers when I was a kid, but the water was never this dark." Or he'll dream of a life after the War, where he gets to have the backyard barbeque with the wife, kids, nice house and a white picket fence. For reference, none of that stuff existed before (in my experience) in the games.

It's got a similar thing going compared to BioShock Infinite, where the gameplay is kind of at odds with the story. Except this time, it's the reverse. The story is there to push you from massacre to massacre, instead of the massacres pushing you from story beat to story beat. And despite the ridiculous prowess that at murder they display, B.J. is also absolutely okay with killing, whereas Booker was not.

All that said, this was a pretty solid game, the characters around B.J. were interesting, even the (spoiler?) love interest, who herself was actually skilled, and therefore useful instead of alternating between sitting there useless and being a damsel in distress.

I have a couple other niggling issues, but nothing that'd be a dealbreaker by any stretch. It should also be said that there's two "versions" of the game, depending on who you save in the first chapter. Both paths are (apparently) 90% the same, but you'll have Person A and Side Character A instead of Person B and Side Character B, and the bits of dialog that changes. I haven't played both paths, so I can't give my thoughts on the differences, but it's something to mention.

So yeah, pick it up if you haven't already (since I do seem to be in the minority in my thoughts, most others loved the hell out of it), and if you do own it, play it already!

Also, this is the game Duke Nukem Forever wishes it could have been.
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