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Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell
This is touted as "standalone DLC for Saints Row IV", but I'd broaden that to the entire franchise. You don't need SRIV to play it (though you need to have played SRIV), and it definitely moves the plot forward as a whole instead of being a little diversion.

So, the gang is celebrating Kinzie's Birthday, playing games and such, well, here's the trailer:

That about sums it up. The game is pretty fun, and by "game" I mean "you get superpowers and one is actual flying and not just controlled falling like in the previous game". The city Hell takeover stuff is pretty boiler-plate, and the aforementioned superpowers are upgraded in the same way they were in SRIV (except they're called souls now instead of data clusters). The only difference in that regard is that unlike SRIV, you need to get every single soul cluster available if you want to max out all of your powers. But hell, you don't need to do that unless you're a completionist. You can generally max one or two and be totally fine. Same thing with weapons, though as before, the game encourages different attack styles (except maybe against the larger bosses where melee isn't entirely efficient).

As far as the story, it's neat, and there are multiple endings that you can choose. The only real complaint I have is Kinzie. Not the character herself, since Kinzie is still pretty funny, but it seems she's only there because Volition/Deep Silver wanted the game to be co-op. She's not really relevant to the story (other than it being her Birthday), and could have been played by any of the other characters in the group. I mean, I like Kinzie, but having Pierce, Shaundi, or even Matt or Asha would roughly be the same experience.

Anyway, the game is good (though not $20 good, wait for a sale), and if you're a fan of the franchise, it's definitely worth picking up.
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