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Medal of Honor Single Player
It's odd, the SP and MP portions are separated in the Library, instead of being a single game with both options in a menu.

That said, this is a kind of game I like, apparently. The game is squad-based goal-oriented MP, but unlike say... Counter-Strike or Mass Effect, you're a member of the team and not the leader. What this means is that you're not giving jobs to your squadmates, and they're actually competent on their own. You still absolutely have a job to do, and the game won't progress without it, but it's nice not having to be the only with the cross to bear. Of course, this game is the precursor to the modern Battlefields and Call of Duties, so it's set in modern day, but the SP portion isn't the script from an action movie. It's a lot of fighting in the dirt, taking hills, clearing tunnels, and that sort of thing; just realistic enough to be believable. Another thing I liked was that while you didn't play the same character throughout the game, every squad you were in was a tight-knit group, so there was just enough there to get you invested. And I got to do a metric fuckton of sniping, so that helps.

The one thing I didn't like about it (well two, I guess if you want to be technical) was the length and the health stat. I beat the SP campaign in just over 4 hours; that's not a lot of time to spend running around in a game like this. Though I will admit I haven't tried the "Tier One" section of the game, that may have a bit more in the way of SP goods. The only other thing was that this game has the "no health bar and regenerating health", but it wasn't as annoying to me as it has been in other games; maybe I'm just getting used to it.

But yeah, if you picked this up in the Humble Origin Bundle, it's worth a play, but otherwise, I probably wouldn't spend more than $10 on it. MP could be an entirely different story (and make the game worth more), but the game came out in 2010; if anyone is still playing it... they are vastly better than you are now. That, of course can go either way for a newbie.
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