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Crysis 2: Maximum Edition
I play this game, and I'm reminded of Doom 3. Not because their plots are similar, but because they're mostly tech demos for the engine that's running them. Crysis 2 looks great, CryEngine 3 is nice... but otherwise? The game is aggressively mediocre. It's not bad, but it's certainly not burning the place down with it's awesomeness.

The story isn't bad, your character is a Marine that's rescued from an Op gone wrong by a Corporate Black Ops dude, who's dying and gives you his Super-Special-Awesome Power Suit. He's dying see, and therefore you need to be him and finish his assignment of whatever-the-fuck. Which means in addition to the standard military weapons, you can become invisible, use super-speed, or have super-strength. But of course to prevent this from breaking the game, the suit has a battery that runs down when you use any of your abilities. It automatically recharges if you give it a moment, but imagine having to do that in every firefight you inevitably have to engage in.

Oh also there's aliens, because it's CryTek, and they love aliens. The amusing thing to me was that the non-suit-powered soldiers would actually put up a decent fight against said aliens. Every so often I'd see a corpse of an alien that I didn't kill, and I knew it was alive beforehand. Because really, the guns you use in the game are standard military stuff (pistols, shotguns, ARs, grenades, C4, grenades and rocket launchers), so it's no surprise that humanity is putting up a decent fight. And if they are, why the hell do we need a suit? That's a good question, and one I don't have an answer to. I mean sure, I can punch one of those aliens to death (usually in one or two hits), but it's easier to just use a shotty. Anyway, I haven't actually beaten it yet, but I'm definitely late game, where "the truth" inevitably comes out, and everyone (apparently) is double-crossing everyone else for better or worse, and it's coming off as the writers trying too hard.

I'm not too keen on finishing it, but like I said, it's not a bad game, so I'll plow through to the end. Maybe that will have something awesome in it. Probably not.

edit: The suit has nanomachines which work like a virus to kill the aliens on the cellular level. Okay then.
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