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Sorce 05-09-2016 04:42 AM

New Battlefield trailer, for Battlefield 1?
For those that have been gaming a while, you should be familiar with the Battlefield franchise. The last couple of games have been "ehhh", but this time, EA seems to think something will be different. At least, there's hope that it will be better than how it's biggest rival, Call of Duty is looking based on it's upcoming iteration.\

Of course if you've been paying attention, the first game in the series was Battlefield 1942, which used the backdrop of the Second World War for it's shooty-mans. This time around they've gone back even farther to The Great War, WWI.

So here's a look at it:

TheGeekRedneck 05-09-2016 10:02 AM

I never got much into the Battlefield games aside from a very brief flirtation with Battlefield: Vietnam when it was released. My uncle though.... good God... He was huge into it. We're talking spending nights and weekends playing the game for years, clans and clan tourneys, the whole works.

The eye candy in the trailer certainly looks good, although there is so much production behind it it's hard to figure out if there is any real gameplay footage in it.

Sorce 09-06-2016 02:20 AM

There's a TF2 parody now, because of course there is.

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